My Oxford Story: First Term

From the moment I stepped into my new room in Oxford, a spacious double set that I’d be sharing with another first-year, I knew that I’d made the right choice. This was exactly where I was meant to be, and I was studying, after months and months of deliberation and swaying between courses, the subjectContinue reading “My Oxford Story: First Term”

My Oxford Story: The Countdown Begins

Despite countless solo recitals and orchestral concerts where I’ve performed to thousands of people, attempting to start this introductory post to my new series ‘My Oxford Story’, feels completely different; I suddenly feel like I’m back on my first day at secondary school where, in turn, we were forced to stand up one by one in front of the class, hands sweating and knees trembling, and awkwardly introduce ourselves. This feels no different.

Divided: The Removal of the Colston Statue

Amid the powerful and driven fight against racism, on the second day of protests in the UK, Edward Colston’s statue was torn down and thrown into Bristol’s harbour. This statue perhaps glorified and celebrated the role Colston played as the deputy governor of the Royal African Company, a role in which he helped to overseeContinue reading “Divided: The Removal of the Colston Statue”